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Todd Snider
01. Hey Pretty Boy
02. 37206
03. The Funky Tomato
04. Eastside Bulldog
05. Check It Out
06. Bocephus
07. Are You With Me
08. Enough Is Enough
09. Ways and Means
10. Come On Up

"America's sharpest musical storyteller." - Rolling Stone "A fearless folk-rock troubadour...often hilarious, and always provocative." - USA Today "[Snider] combines the sly phrasing of a stoner, the perfect timing of a standup comedian, and a mastery of the tiny detail." - The New Yorker You don't expect barrelhouse boogie woogie, straight up garage rock or power pop from the ratchety voice who gave you Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues, the iconic East Nashville Skyline or the Great American Taxi-backed Time As We Know It: The Songs of Jerry Jeff Walker. Yet fresh from fronting the freewheeling social commentary of the jam-meets-Tom Petty Hard Working Americans featuring Widespread Panic's Dave Schools and Chris Robinson Brotherhood's Neal Casal Todd Snider's Eastside Bulldog suggests there's a new kinda rumble under the hood of the iconoclastic troubadour.     


November 2016

Todd Snider - Eastside Bulldog

Todd Snider

CD (Cat No: 326788)

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Todd Snider - Eastside Bulldog

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