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01. Thundercloud
02. The Space Between
03. 10,000 Locks
04. Exit From The Light
05. No Fear
06. Learning How To Talk
07. Uniondale
08. Let Me Sleep
09. Trophy
10. Never Forget My Name
11. High Rising

Released 1 September 2014

Thundercloud is the first studio release from the powerful vocal and song writing combination of Michelle Plum and Nick B Hall. Having consistently wowed critics and audiences with their live performances on the UK acoustic circuit, this album captures their much lauded harmony singing and acoustic guitar prowess. With rich instrumental textures of folk, Americana and Electronica, and production by David Crickmore (Steve Tilston/The Durbervilles/Fiat Lux), the result is a magnificent debut. Ten songs are Plumhall's own compositions while Chumbawamba's Boff Whalley wrote "Learning How To Talk" especially for them.

Highly Recommended

August 2014

Plumhall - Thundercloud


CD (Cat No: 5678889)

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Plumhall - Thundercloud

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