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01. The Ghost of Noise
02. City Starlings
03. Cruel Adventurers
04. A Darkness That Won't Leave The House
05. Mary
06. South to Glory
07. Strange Driftwood
08. Fire Next Time
09. A Year Ago Today
10. Dust Devil
11. The Outside Track
12. Closing Down

Long awaited second album by singer, songwriter duo Michelle Plum and Nick B. Hall. Since their Thundercloud debut they have toured all over the world, sung onstage with Al Stewart at the London Palladium, opened for some of the biggest acts around and written a song for (as well as appearing in and curating the traditional music for) the film The Runaways (starring Mark Addy, Tara Fitzgerald and Molly Windsor). The Ghost Of Noise includes that song as well as 11 others produced by David Crickmore of Fiat Lux. It mixes a contemporary folk and roots sound with elements of electronica.


May 2020

Plumhall - The Ghost of Noise


CD (Cat No: 23435)

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Plumhall - The Ghost of Noise

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