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Maya De Vitry
01. Flowers
02. Real Time, Real Tears
03. How Bad I Wanna Live
04. Dogs Run On
05. Not A Trick of the Eye
06. I Don't Ask Trees
07. Margaret
08. Never On The Map
09. Watches Out Of Diamonds
10. You Don't Need Me
11. Leftover Tears

Fish Records are delighted to provide physical copies of Maya De Vitry (ex The Stray Birds) third solo album. Released on 28th January 2022 it is available to pre order now.

The title of Maya de Vitry’s 3rd solo album, lifted from a line in the lead single “Not a Trick of the Eye”, is a reference to “ultraviolet” light—a frequency which, while visible to creatures like butterflies and bees, lies beyond any human sense. It’s a reminder of a simple human limitation and an inspiring concept for an artist who feels most at home in the woods or the garden, observing the non-human living world and then emerging with vibrant and vital songs on the human condition—songs that, as No Depression says, “open windows that give us insights into the ambiguities of our lives”.

Violet Light was co-produced by Ethan Jodziewicz and Maya de Vitry and recorded in their Nashville, TN home over the course of a year. The basement studio was created out of necessity when Ethan, a versatile upright and electric bassist currently touring with Aoife O’Donovan and who has previously toured with Sierra Hull and The Milk Carton Kids, needed space to record bass remotely and work from home in the earliest days of the pandemic. 

Violet Light became a way to reach for human connection, as the 11 new songs each feature an entirely unique band. It’s a true collaborative feat in a year of unusual isolation. Many local friends dropped by the basement studio to play or sing, while others sent in piano or harmonica from across the country or across the ocean. The gorgeously varied arrangements include the dynamic playing of instrumentalists Paul Horton (Alabama Shakes), Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers), and Thor Davidsson (KALEO), as well as a stellar cast of harmony vocalists including Kaia Kater and Ric Robertson. 

The power of music to connect, soothe and inspire is never far from Maya’s heart as she creates, and it’s clear that the process of making Violet Light was in itself a gift. “Listening back now, it’s all just magical to me,” Maya reflects. “All of this music now exists in the same time and place, although it’s made of moments that were stretched out over nearly a year. I am just so grateful that it was possible to make this record at all. I’m feeling an overflow of joy that I now get to begin to share these songs with people.” 

November 2021

Maya de Vitry - Violet Light (released 28 January 2022 - pre order now)

Maya De Vitry

CD (Cat No: 213345)

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Maya de Vitry - Violet Light

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