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Larkin Poe
01. I Belong to Love
02. Shoulder to Shoulder
03. PS I Love You
04. Leave
05. I Can Almost
06. Tired
07. As Good As You
08. Missing Home
09. Wait For Me
10. Widows Walk

Rebecca and Megan Lovell, Larkin Poe, present a full album, collaborating with multiple Norwegian "Spellemann" (Grammy) winner Thom Hell, and their special guest Sola Akingbola from the multi-millon selling band Jamiroquai. The record was recorded in two periods over the two last years, at the studio "Ocean Sound" in Giske, Norway. It started as a project to see what could come of a collaboration between Larkin Poe and Thom Hell, a Norwegian artist Larkin Poe had listened to and liked while touring Scandinavia. Luck brought the two bands together as Thom attended the bands concert, and two visits to the studio later ten songs are presented. Sola Akingbola heard a rough mix of the record after playing at the Nobel peace prize concert in Norway and was so eager to play on the record that he spent his 2 days off on his 2 months Jamiroquai tour to lay down some steady percussion work on the record. Six tracks are written by Larkin Poe, three by Thom Hell, and one song co-written by Rebecca Lovell and Thom Hell in the studio. The album also features musicians Daniel Kimbro on bass, Chad Melton on drums and Mike Seal on guitars, all musicians who have played in the Larkin Poe band up until recently. The Norwegian producer Audun Borrmann recorded and produced the album in close collaboration with Larkin Poe and Thom Hell.


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Larkin Poe & Thom Hell - Sound of the Ocean Sound

Larkin Poe

CD (Cat No: 50644)

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Larkin Poe & Thom Hell - Sound of the Ocean Sound

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