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John Moreland
01. I Need You To Tell Me Who I Am
02. Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore
03. Blacklist
04. Your Spell
05. 3.59AM
06. Break My Heart Sweetly
07. Oh Julia
08. God's Medicine
09. Gospel
10. Blues & Kudzu

In Europe John Moreland's second album, 'In the Throes' has taken on something akin to underground cult status. The songs and the positive critical reception it received, following its U.S. release by Last Chance Records, have found their way across the Atlantic, but physical copies have been limited to import only. When Moreland released In the Throes in June of 2013, the album didn't just charm listeners - it stunned them. American Songwriter proclaimed that "those not familiar with the Oklahoma City singer-songwriter should remedy that pronto," while No Depression declared the collection "isn't so much songwriting as alchemy with words and music." MSNBC host Rachel Maddow heard his songs and joined the chorus, tweeting: "If the American music business made any sense, guys like John Moreland would be household names." If In the Throes ignited Moreland's 2013 summer, FX's Sons of Anarchy poured gasoline all over the fire that fall. The hit series featured three Moreland-penned and -performed gems: "Heaven", off of his Earthbound Blues, the second of two full-length albums he released in 2011; and "Gospel" and "Your Spell", both from In the Throes.  

Newly remastered

January 2024  

John Moreland - In The Throes (remastered)

John Moreland

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John Moreland - In The Throes

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