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Hield Fay
01. Hare Spell
02. Jenny Wren
03. Night Journey
04. Swirling Eddies
05. Call The Storm
06. Cruel Mother
07. Old Grey Goose
08. Sir Launfal
09. Pig Song
10. Sweet William's Ghost
11. Wing Flash
12. When She Comes

Wrackline, the new album from Fay Hield, looks at traditional stories involving the 'otherworld' of fairies, ghosts and the animal kingdom, the new work explores our emotional responses to the space between their realm and our own. Working through imaginary space to make things real. "We all search to connect with others – we are entranced by those we cannot connect with and find ways to tell their stories to explain our own."

The album is set to surface in September and will contain some interpretations of traditional songs and responses to carefully selected songs exploring their meaning and drawing on personal experience and beliefs.


May 2020

Fay Hield - Wrackline (released 11 Sept 2020)

Hield Fay

CD (Cat No: 2111334)

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Fay Hield - Wrackline

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