Hield Fay
01. King Henry
02. Kemp Owen
03. The Looking Glass
04. Grey Goose & Gander

Fay Hield – Looking Glass

‘Looking Glass’ is Fay’s debut solo album, and her first release since The Witches of Elswick disbanded around 3 years ago, and on this album she takes an approach that has much in common with the classic folk albums of the 70s and early 80s.  So rather than the slicker, fuller production of many contemporary folk albums, here it’s almost always about the vocals where the verses lead into big choruses.

Although Fay’s strong vocals are front and centre across all 11 songs, she has support on the disc from partner Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney, Jess Arrowsmith and Hannah James, and the instrumentation includes fiddles, concertina and nyckelharpa.  It’s interesting that guitar only appears on one song, and this has helped create a sound is much more rhythmic than most folk discs, the sound across the disc is airy and graceful, and full of life and delicacy.

She’s a powerful singer with a voice that really connects with the listener, there are times where her vocals have the slightest of rough edges which really adds to the personality and character of the album – these songs are delivered with real passion and she gets into the heart of each song.   The whole package is added to with by the inclusion of a beautifully printed and produced lyric sheet .

‘Looking Glass’ is an album with a real sense of the tradition, the songs and delivery have their roots in the folk clubs of England, but while Fay is sensitive to the tradition, this is a distinctive and creative approach that marks her out as a unique artist.


Hield Fay

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