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Daphne`s Flight
01. Turn The Microphones Off
02. Be Amelia
03. You Got Me Going
04. Rogue Rider
05. Saturday With Mr Rameer
06. You'll Never Go Away
07. Hard To Be The Way
08. So Brave
09. This Woman Today
10. That's Just Life Around Here

On Arrival is the latest album from the all-female powerhouse that is Daphne's Flight.

Christine Collister, Melanie Harrold, Julie Matthews, Helen Watson and Chris While have brought together a superb collection of ten original songs which again crosses a huge range of topics and genres, blending folk, blues, jazz and pop. All are woven together with striking harmonies and supported by a range of instrumentation and percussion.

The music of Daphne's Flight is a magical layering of simplicity and sensitivity, beauty and experience. Their songs are thought provoking, uplifting, empowering and relatable. They continue to inspire audiences with the warmth and energy they bring to their performances. They are, quite simple, a force to be reckoned with.

25 years after their impressive and much loved debut album, the remarkable ensemble are still breaking new ground with their music and performances - older, wiser and twice as powerful.

Daphne's Flight - On Arrival

Daphne`s Flight

CD (Cat No: 45635)

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Daphne's Flight - On Arrival