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Daphne`s Flight
01. Mysterious Day
02. Sailing Away
03. The Society of St Wilfrid and Hilda
04. Back Into Life
05. Kwop Kwort
06. Peace
07. January Waiting
08. Tyre Tracks In The Snow
09. I'm Sick of this Shit
10. Kaolin Queens

DAPHNE'S FLIGHT is five strong women, five outstanding singing talents, five best friends.

Daphne's Flight are an exceptional force in British music. Chris While, Helen Watson, Julie Matthews, Melanie Harrold and Miranda Sykes are among the UK's most-loved and respected artists individually, but when they join forces something magical happens.

'Love Is The Weapon Of Choice' is the group's brand new album and first with new member Miranda Sykes (Show of Hands). Ten songs with a women-centric theme are wrapped in the glorious Daphne's Flight signature sound of breathtaking harmonies and intricate arrangements.

There is also room to salute their individual voices, as songs drawn from lives-lived-full cover a wide range of themes: the ongoing battle for women's equality in the church (The Society of St Wilfrid and Hilda); the human experience (January Waiting); family stories (Sailing Away); women of The Stolen Generations (Kwop Koort) and, most fittingly, the pure joy of making music together (Kaolin Queens).

In an era of playlists-by-genre, it takes bravery to combine such a rich variety of styles on one record and this eclecticism is its strength. To those ears Daphne's Flight may be reaching for the first time - listen without prejudice, and join this celebration of longevity, equality, empowerment and friendship.

August 2023

Daphne's Flight - Love Is The Weapon of Choice

Daphne`s Flight

CD (Cat No: 754356)

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Daphne's Flight - Love Is The Weapon of Choice

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