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Blair Dunlop
01. Ain't No Harm
02. Let's Get Ou of the City
03. Midday Mass
04. Julietta
05. I Wanna Be Running
06. Slipstream
07. Brick on Brick (HA9)
08. When Will I Learn?
09. Boots On the Side
10. For All the Trees
11. 1989 San Remo Conqueror

Dunlop makes his highly anticipated return to the music scene with latest album 'Out of the Rain'. Born from a will to connect with people and get out in to the world again, 'Out of the Rain' will be Blair's first studio album since his 2018 release. Produced by Jim Moray (Jackie Oates, Wheeler Street, James Raynard) the record is more positive than his previous work. A celebration of spring, newness, and freedom. Songs of metamorphosis and widescreen road trips prevail. "It's been 5 years since my last record, comfortably my longest gap between releases, so it feels really good to be able to put this out in the world."

June 2024

Blair Dunlop - Out of The Rain

Blair Dunlop

CD (Cat No: 23224577)

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Blair Dunlop - Out of The Rain

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