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Blair Dunlop
01. Killing Time
02. I'll Keep It With Mine
03. Sea of Faces
04. Strangler Fig
05. The Month of January
06. Lottie

If like me you thought Blair Dunlops 'Blight & blossom' was one of the best albums of 2012 and you love the music of the Lovell sisters AKA Larkin Poe you must check out this EP. Small but beautifully formed not to be missed.

The new transatlantic collaboration 'Killing Time'. By Blair Dunlop & Larkin Poe. In the Summer of 2012 Blair Dunlop & Larkin Poe performed the Bob Dylan song 'I'll Keep it with Mine' to a packed Cropredy Festival. Having already performed together on Blairs solo album it became clear that a collaborative project was on the cards. In Late 2012 Blair and his Producer Mark Hutchinson headed over to Atlanta, Georgia to spend time with Rebecca & Megan writing, recording and above all killing time!

Blair Dunlop & Larkin Poe - Killing Time (EP)

Blair Dunlop

CD (Cat No: 50657)

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Blair Dunlop & Larkin Poe - Killing Time

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