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Bill Wood & the Woodies
01. Fall In Love
02. All Comes Down To Money
03. Alice Was Dancing
04. Recipe For Heartache
05. Lifeline
06. Tumbleweeds
07. Me and You
08. Slipstream
09. Rain Bus
10. Lucky In Love
11. Something About You
12. Lost In Space
13. The Shitt

Latest release from Fish Records' friends and favourites Bill Wood & the Woodies. Physical copies of the CD exclusively available in UK from Fish Records.

Listening to the latest release from Bill Wood and the Woodies is like experiencing an  playlist curated by a discerning fan of well-crafted songwriting. Each song—all written by 40-year industry veteran Wood—has a classic, timeless quality. As a whole, the work transcends genre; hence the album’s title, Radiola, which references Wood’s lifelong love of a wide spectrum of musical formats.

Somehow Wood is able to write original tunes that sound both fresh and also somehow familiar. His secret could be attributed to some 40 years of songwriting practice: you may recall Wood from 80s Canadian pop band/Juno nominees EyeEye (Out on a Limb, Endless Night, My Sensation). In the years since, throughout a period of raising a family and working in construction and various social services environments while continuing to write and perform music, Wood has amassed a library of lived experience that inform his songwriting with truth, compassion and honesty.

Like the very best radio station, the tunes on Radiola range from the Beatle-esque “Lucky in Love” to “All Comes Down to the Money,” that borrows from the New Orleans brass procession style. “Tumbleweeds,”  “Alice was Dancing” and  “Rain Bus” are rootsy and haunting. “Me and You” can stand its ground against any classic ballad.

April 2021

Bill Wood & the Woodies - Radiola

Bill Wood & the Woodies

CD (Cat No: 213324)

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Bill Wood & the Woodies - Radiola

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