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Bill Wood & the Woodies
01. Push Ahead
02. Beautiful Boys
03. Crazy bout Girls
04. Monster
05. Give Me A Kiss
06. Silver Wings
07. Frankie
08. Welcome To The world
09. Giant
10. Steal Your Love
11. Surrounded
12. Coke and the MDA
13. Lets Get Gone
14. November

Bill Wood and the Woodies is what happens when the songs are the main event. When 30 years of songwriting, honed over decades of hard life experiences, meets the craftsmanship of career musicians who don’t know what it means to compromise. Listening to the Woodies, you get the sense that they believe in the power of a really good song, regardless of genre. Few others could produce a disk with so many solid tunes, ranging from the Beatle-esque pop of “Give me a Kiss” to the dark and anthemic undertones of “Push Ahead” and “Monster”.

The songs come from the soul of Bill Wood, who has lived a lifetime and more since he was a minor Canadian success story with an 80s’ pop band— all the while writing songs.

An industry veteran singer-songwriter, former lead vocalist for Juno-nominees EyeEye, Wood has taken more than three decades to perfect his craft. Disillusioned with the music industry’s “star maker machinery.” Wood stepped away from recording and performing in the early 90s to focus on raising his family and making a living. His experiences as a home renovator, woodworker and, most recently, as a support worker for the community shelter and housing industry have infiltrated his songs. So have his struggles with addiction, which also provide crucial insights and empathy to his volunteer work as coordinator of a drop-in and food bank for marginalize youth. Throughout all these real-world experiences, he’s been writing songs, performing and recording, including three gospel discs and his first solo CD, Take It.

Most recently, Bill Wood and the Woodies have cultivated a devoted following at the band’s regular gigs at Grafitti’s Bar & Grill in Toronto’s Kensington Market. There’s no desire to chase a “scene.” Their formula is simple: real, honest songs, played really well. The most common refrain at a Woodies gig: “Is that really one of your own tunes?”

The Woodies are: bassist/ producer Mark Shannon (30 years as bassist/composer/producer, including recent albums for Donna O, Richard Smyth and Jennifer Moore), ace guitarist Chris Bennett (Washboard Hank, Heather Morgan, Cindy Archer, George Westerholm’s THIS, as well as various video and CBC radio writing and performing credits and drummer Dino Naccarato (who also supports George Westerholm and Michael Brennan). Mary-Margaret Wood (L-Con, Chrome and Ice Queen and various solo efforts) lends her angelic voice on a few key tunes as well.

“My musical history with Mark goes back so far we can read each other’s musical minds,” says Wood.” Chris and Dino are killer musicians. When we bring vocalist Mary-Margaret Wood into the mix—look out!”

Bill Wood & the Woodies - Oh Look...

Bill Wood & the Woodies

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Bill Wood & the Woodies - Oh Look...

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