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Williams Dar
01. Time, Be My Friend
02. You Give It All Away
03. Let The Wind Blow
04. Magical Thinking
05. Little Town
06. Berkeley
07. Today and Every Day
08. I Never Knew
09. Sullivan Lane
10. You're Aging Well

Dar Williams’ lyrics contain bouquets of optimism, delivered on melodies alternating between beguiling lightness and understated gravity. Williams strongly believes that all of us possess our own power and ability to achieve, and she rejects the exceptionalism that encourages us to “admire that yonder star,” while making us feel small and insignificant; unworthy of shining on our own but hoping to catch enough distant light to inspire some tiny accomplishment. Williams has always been very interested in how to control our future and this album has to do with the fact that at some point, you just can’t.

October 2021

Dar Williams - I'll Meet you Here

Williams Dar

CD (Cat No: 3244567)

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Dar Williams - I'll Meet you Here

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