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Will Hoge
01. Gilded walls
02. Stupid kids
03. Still a Southern man
04. Oh Mr. Barnum
05. Thoughts and prayers
06. My American dream
07. The illegal line
08. Nikki's a Republican now

Available for pre-order, release date is 5th October 2018. 

Will Hoge didn't really need to release a new album in 2018. His most recent, Anchors, came out last August, reaching No. 6 on Billboard Heatseekers and the Top 20 on the Indie Chart. He'd toured the United States and Europe, and could've settled in from there. But there was something he couldn't stop thinking about: his children. Border police. Political corruption. Anti-intellectualism. Poverty. Gun control. A broken education system. Indifference to others' suffering. Each of these things weighed on Hoge, and he confronts them all head-on in My American Dream.

Will Hoge - My American Dream

Will Hoge

CD (Cat No: 345222)

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Will Hoge - My American Dream