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01. The World Turned Upside Down - Dick Gaughan
02. The Diggers Song - Chumbawamba
03. The Hard Times of Old England - Roy Bailey
04. To The Begging I Will Go - Ewan MacColl
05. The Recruited Collier - Anne Briggs
06. The Rigs of the Time - Shirley Collins
07. The Month of May - The Copper Family
08. Jerusalem - bob Davenport
09. Captain Swing - Brian Denny
10. General Ludds Truimpth - MG Boulter
11. Four Loom Weaver - The oldham Tinkers
12. Povery Knock - Roy Harris
13. Songs of the Lower classes - Fran Morter & Adam Rees
14. The internationale - The Topic Singers & Band
15. Blag Leg Miner - Louise Killen
16. Free & Easy - Piers Haslam
17. Bringing The News from Nowhere - Leon Rosselson
18. Alice White - Kiti Theobald
19. Joe Hill - Paul Robeson
20. Talking Union Blues - Pete Seeger
21. The Man That Waters The Workers Beer - Paddy Ryan
22. Dominion of the Sword - Martin Carthy
23. Palaces of Gold - Martin Simpson
24. Saltley Gates - Banner theatre
25. Coal Not Dole - Norma Waterson
26. Harry Stone - Hearts of Coal - John Tams
27. Rolling Down The River - Jack Forbes
28. If you Want A Better Life - Peggy Seeger
29. War - The First of May Band

The GFTU approached Topic Records with a view to reconnecting trade unions with a long-standing song tradition and a truly independent label with its political roots. This collaboration has resulted in a wonderful collection of songs highlighting Topic's long-standing commitment to 'Political' song, with material linked to social justice, democracy and the resistance of class oppression. Legendary artists who have recorded for Topic Records including Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Norma Waterson, Martin Carthy, Pete Seeger, Louis Killen and Anne Briggs feature alongside newer voices like Fran Morter and Adam Rees, Kiti Theobald, Jack Forbes, and 17 year old Piers Haslam. The songs selected here are mostly from a tiny cross-section of material from Topic's vast back-catalogue which describe events across hundreds of years of struggle for social fairness, respect and collective will. Dick Gaughan's version of 'The World Turned Upside Down', a reflection on the Diggers and Levellers of the mid-seventeenth century, is the opening track. 'The Internationale', sung by the Topic Singers & Band, which as the B-side of 'The Man That Waters the Worker's Beer', was on the first ever release by the label. The plight of the miners in the 1980s is represented by Norma Waterson with her moving rendition of the poem by miner's wife Kay Sutcliffe, 'Coal Not Dole'. A collection of songs that form a history of dissent, collaboration and the collective drive for social justice, 'Voice & Vision' is a double CD set of music and words that speak across generations and boundaries of the basic human right to dignity.

October 2014

Various Artists - voice + vision songs of resistance, democracy + peace (2 CD)

Various Artists

CD (Cat No: 879556)

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Various Artists - Voice + Vision - songs of resistance, democracy + peace

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