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Various Artists
01. Theo Jones
02. Trojan Tree
03. As The Dust Settles In
04. Charles Ball
05. Jolly Good Luck To The Girl That Loves A Soldier
06. Harry And Nellie's First Dance
07. Billy Green
08. Trenches
09. The Kings Horse / Dawsons Prisoners / The Calculation
10. If You Want To See The General (Bonus)

'Songs for the Voiceless' is an album project aiming to bring some of the lesser-known stories of World War I to light. This collection of songs is inspired by the people the War impacted: men, women and children, soldiers and civilians. Including brand new original material from Bella Hardy, Josienne Clarke, The Young'uns, Gilmore & Roberts, Ian Stephenson (KAN), Tom Oakes and Michael J Tinker (Bright Season) as well as a bonus track from Bellowhead's Jon Boden. Recorded by award-winning producer Andy Bell, the project seeks to give a voice to those affected by the First World War - sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, women and children, left-behind lovers, families and communities, soldiers and civilians. All with a story to tell; all with a song to be sung.


October 2014

Various Artists - Songs For The Voiceless

Various Artists

CD (Cat No: 678994)

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Various Artists - Songs For The Voiceless

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