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Thompson Richard
01. What If?
02. They Tore The Hippodrome Down
03. Seven Brothers
04. Rainbow Over The Hill
05. Never Again
06. I Must Have A March
07. I'll Take My Sorrows To The Sea
08. Poor Ditching Boy
09. Alexander Graham Bell
10. Sloth
11. Push and Shove
12. End of the Rainbow
13. Poor Will and The Jolly Hangman
14. She Played Right Into My Hands

Following the release of Acoustic Classics Vol. II to great reviews eariler this year, Richard Thompson releases Acoustic Rarities Acoustic Rarities is new recordings of some of the more obscure songs in the Thompson catalogue, some previously existing only as cover versions.


October 2017

Richard Thompson - Acoustic Rarities

Thompson Richard

CD (Cat No: 324567)

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Richard Thompson - Acoustic Rarities

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