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The Unthanks
01. 2000 Miles
02. On A Monday Morning
03. I Wish I Wish
04. Close the Coalhouse Door
05. Alifib / Alifie
06. The Gallowgate Lad
07. Felton Lonnin
08. Tar Barrel In Dale
09. Queen of Hearts
10. Sexy Sadie
11. A Dream Of A Tree In A Spanish Graveyard
12. Oak, Ash and Thorn
13. The Unthank Family Band

In quiet, understated celebration of their 10th anniversary, The Unthanks release a 76 minute CD of rarities, exclusive live tracks, demos and outtakes. Achive Treasures (2005-2015) could be described as a fan album and really illustrates how free and uninhibited the musical philosophy of The Unthanks has been over 10 years. There is no greater contrast on the record than listening to snapshots of childhood folk clubs recordings, next to a previously unreleased live version of Robert Wyatt s Alifib/Alifie, illustrating a bravery and willingness to weather judgement from listeners and critics with musical vocabulary and listening habits less expansive, but ultimately a readiness to believe in the universality of music and the open-mindedness of their audience. Organised on the record in sections, the album features never-before-heard Winterset recordings, live
recordings of the 10 piece Unthanks from Newcastle s Tyne Theatre, radio session tracks, childhood folk-club snapshots, a new Christmas single, a very different work-in-progress version of Queen of Hearts, 3 years before it appeared as a single on Last, plus tracks which have previously only been available on compilation albums featuring other acts, such as crowd favourite Tar Barrel in Dale, The Beatles Sexy Sadie, Peter Bellamy s Oak, Ash and Thorn and from Adrian McNally s Harbour of Songs album, a collaboration with fellow Barnsley-ite, poet Ian McMillan.

The Unthanks - Memory Box (Archive Treasures 2005-2015)

The Unthanks

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The Unthanks - Memory Box (Archive Treasures 2005-2015)

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