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The Sweet Lowdown
01. River Winding Down
02. Fallout
03. Chasing The Sun
04. The Birds & The Bees
05. April 29th
06. You Can Find The North
07. Bunching Up The Sheets
08. Road Song
09. Leaving
10. Hell Flu Jig & Margarets Jig
11. Brokedown Breakdown
12. The Rain

The latest album from Victoria BC based trio is officially released on 9 December 2014 but we have advance copies. Only available as an import in the UK we are very pleased to be able to bring you this their third album which once again provides a showcase for their musicianship, songwriting and vocals. A real treat - highly recommended.

The Sweet Lowdown can take you anywhere you want to go, from a sunny front porch to the outer reaches of the universe. By blending original songwriting and three-part harmonies with an old-time instrumental groove, this award-winning acoustic roots trio from Victoria, B.C. creates a unique yet timeless sound that takes listeners on a pleasurable and memorable ride.

Drawn together by mutual passion for old-time music, hard-driving bluegrass, sweet harmonies and well-wrought songs, The Sweet Lowdown (Amanda Blied--guitar, Shanti Bremer--banjo and Miriam Sonstenes--fiddle) pays homage to its musical roots while simultaneously breaking new ground. Each member contributes to the band’s original repertoire and each has a unique vocal flair as well as impressive instrumental chops.


November 2015

The Sweet Lowdown - Chasing The Sun

The Sweet Lowdown

CD (Cat No: 8777956)

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The Sweet Lowdown - Chasing The Sun

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