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The Stray Birds
01. Best Medicine
02. Adelaide
03. Feathers Bone
04. San Antonio
05. The Bells
06. Never For Nothing
07. Pallet
08. Stolen Love
09. Whos Gonna Shoe
10. Black Hills
11. Simple Man
12. Might Rain

Fish Records Album of the Year 2014

This is the long awaited second full release from The Stray Birds now on the Yep Roc label and entitled 'Best Medicine' is the album of the year so far - and I can't see anything beating it!

The album captures the freshness of their live performances and with Oliver, Maya and Charlie showing the full potential of thr trio. 10 of the 12 tracks are orginal compositions with the title track, Adelaide and The Bells being stand out. That said 'Simple Man' is a heart wrenching tale of agricultural depression - what am I saying they are all great.

For anyone who has been lucky enough to see them live this is the must have album of 2014 - for those that haven't this the next best thing.

Check out their latest video here

 When The Stray Birds take the stage, the spotlight falls on three voices raised in harmony above the raw resonance of wood and strings. It is a sound drawn from the richness of American folk music traditions, spun with a stirring subtlety and grace. From bustling street corners to silent halls, their performances speak to an uncompromising reverence for songs. Raised within a few miles of farmland from each other in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, their flight began with friendship. With miles of music already behind them, Maya de Vitry and Oliver Craven first shared a song in January 2010. A snowy Pennsylvania winter welcomed collaboration between the two creative flames - and grounded in the unshakeable groove of bassist Charles Muench, the trio landed their signature sound, and inspired what would become their first album, The Stray Birds. An ambitious touring schedule reflects their embrace of the experience of live music. "Music exists in a time and place, not just in a digital format," says Charles. Reveling in the energy of each room, a connection to the audience is the essence of their show.

September 2014
Vinyl version is also available (released February 2015)

The Stray Birds - Best Medicine

The Stray Birds

CD (Cat No: 90000)

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The Stray Birds - Best Medicine

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