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The Steeldrivers
01. Bad For You
02. The Bartender
03. 12 O'Clock Blues
04. I Choose You
05. Falling Man
06. Forgive
07. Glad I'm Gone
08. Innocent Man
09. Mama Says No
10. Lonely and Being alone
11. When A Heart Breaks

'Bad For You' marks a time of growth for The Steeldrivers, a turn towards an edgier sound than previous recordings. This is the fifth SteelDrivers studio album, made up of all-new original material, and recorded in Nashville, TN at The Butcher Shoppe. 

The group continues its rich musical progression, conjuring music drenched in soul, blues, bluegrass, R&B, country, and rock 'n' roll. If the "blend of soul and slink, blues and country, mountain coal and red dirt," as Peter Cooper characterized their sound, is timeless, the SteelDrivers have delivered another new classic. Fiddle-player, songwriter, and singer Tammy Rogers aptly describes the "realness, rawness, and edge" in the band's sound. 

The eagerly-awaited album features eleven new songs, ten of which were co-written by Rogers, whose spirited and soulful voice and fiddle playing have been a hallmark of the band's hard-driving sound throughout its existence. It also marks the band's debut recording with Kelvin Damrell, the singer and guitarist who joined the band in early 2018. 

Few bands are as aptly named as the SteelDrivers: steel is known for its remarkable strength, but also for its resilience, and the same is certainly true of the SteelDrivers, as they have proven time and again.


March 2020

The Steeldrivers - Bad For You

The Steeldrivers

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The Steeldrivers - Bad For You