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The Orphan Brigade
01. Pipes' intro
02. Mad man's window
03. Banshee
04. Under the Chestnut tree
05. Dance with me to the edge of the world
06. Children of lir
07. Captain's song
08. Captain's song Featuring John Prine
09. Isabella
10. St. Patrick on Slemish mountain
11. Bessie's hymn
12. Fair head's daughter
13. To the edge of the world
14. Black nun
15. Mind the road

The raw, windswept beauty of the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland has inspired adventurers and artists, alike, for centuries. From folk lore to folk music, its crags and crannies hold myriad stories still waiting to be shared. Because the land, itself, is wild and rugged, the telling of its tales must harness that same power, so it's no wonder that the Orphan Brigade's To the Edge of the World echoes and pulses with the freedom and daring, howls and hope that so many have felt where the lushly pastoral land meets the rocky, unforgiving sea.

In keeping with their previous album exploits, the trio grabbed their gear and spent a week writing the songs on various coastal locations, cliff edges, castle ruins and even at sea aboard a fishing boat.

What they wrote in the wild, they recorded in St. Patrick's Church of Ireland in Glenarm, a site of worship since a Franciscan friary was established there in 1465. With a handful of masterful Irish musicians joining the ever evolving creative fray, the Orphan Brigade have returned with a doggedly untamed, yet deeply compassionate testament to County Antrim in To the Edge of the World.

The Orphan Brigade - To the Edge of the World

The Orphan Brigade

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The Orphan Brigade - To the Edge of the World