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The Oldham Tinkers
01. Oldham's Burning Sands
02. A Fine Old English Gentleman
03. Peterloo
04. The Lancashire Miller
05. Chalie Chaplin
06. Seeing Double
07. The Four Loom Weaver
08. Best O' Bunch
09. Billy Winker
10. For Old Times Sake
11. The Maypole
12. Pity Me My Darling
13. Jumping Jck
14. Eawr House As Was
15. The Lark
16. McCarthy's Party
17. A Mon Like Thee

The Oldham Tinkers formed in the mid 1960's following a chance meeting in a Lancashire pub. Brothers Larry and Gerry Kearns and John Howarth formed the band and would go onto record tracks for various Topic Record compilations before being asked to record their first of five albums for Topic. 

'OLDHAM'S BURNING SANDS' was recorded in 1971 at Tin Pan Alley Studios London. Produced by A. L. Lloyd, four more albums followed. 'BEST O' T' BUNCH' 1974, 'FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE' 1975, 'SIT THEE DOWN' 1977 and 'THAT LANCASHIRE BAND' 1979. 

This introduction to The Oldham Tinkers release is a snap shot of the wonderful collection of colourful material recorded by a lost treasure within the Topic Records stable.


October 2018

The Oldham Tinkers - An Introduction to

The Oldham Tinkers

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The Oldham Tinkers - An Introduction to