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The Mastersons
01. No Time For Love Songs
02. Spellbound
03. Circle The Sun
04. Eyes Wide Open
05. The Last Laugh
06. So Impossible
07. The Silver Line
08. There Is a Song To Sing
09. Kings of The Castle
10. Pride of the Wicked

The Mastersons are singer-songwriters/multi-instrumentalists Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore. Longtime members of Steve Earle's band the Dukes, the musical and marital twosome make inspired albums of their own vivid, deeply humanistic songs. Their fourth album, No Time for Love Songs, marks the 10th anniversary of their partnership and creative journey with a collection of songs that could easily serve as the soundtrack to our lives- or at least one version of it. Produced by Shooter Jennings and recorded at L.A.'s legendary Sunset Sound Recorders, the album was engineered and mixed by five-time Grammy Award-winning engineer, Ryan Freeland.

'No Time for Love Songs' explores the emotional challenges of a morally compromised era, and reflects the experiences that the pair has accumulated in their travels. Those experiences helped to inspire the big-hearted songcraft of such compelling new tunes as "Spellbound," "Circle the Sun," "Eyes Open Wide," "The Silver Line," "There Is A Song to Sing," and the album's poignant title track, and showcase the Mastersons' organic harmonies, stirring melodies and insightful lyrics, which consistently offer clear-eyed optimism in the face of loss and discouragement.


March 2020

The Mastersons - No Time For Love Songs

The Mastersons

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The Mastersons - No Time For Love Songs

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