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The LYNNes
01. Cold Front
02. Cost So Much
03. Heartbreak Song For The Radio
04. Recipe for Disaster
05. Don't Look Down
06. Dark Waltz
07. Halfway to Happy
08. Blue Tatoo
09. Blame It On The Devil
10. Heavy Lifting

The LYNNeS are Juno award winning songwriter Lynn Miles and award-winning songwriter Lynne Hanson. The two Canadian heartbreak poets are multi-instrumentalists (piano, acoustic, electric guitar, mandolin), fusing tight vocal harmonies with hauntingly gritty lyrics.  Individually they have toured North America and Europe, and their debut album Heartbreak Song For The Radio will be released on 2nd February 2018 available to pre order now.

The duo adopted an old school approach to recording their album, choosing to record to tape and recording all the bed tracks and many of the vocal and acoustic guitar parts live off the floor. Tracks like “Don't Look Down” and “Dark Waltz” showcase the unmistakable touch of Juno-award winning guitarist Kevin Breit (Nora Jones, KD Lang, Rosanne Cash). The infectious “Recipe for Disaster” highlights the songwriting duo's knack to craft a catchy melody and memorable lyrics, while the radio-friendly title track “Heartbreak For The Radio” begs for the listener to hit repeat. The athletic groove of the funky “Halfway To Happy” is a brilliant counterweight to the airy “Blue Tattoo,” which would not be out of place on a Fleetwood Mac album. 

Each song on the album is a co-write, producing a truly collaborative effort, drawing on the strengths two Lynn(e), to create a sum greater than two individual parts. 

This a great album from two great singer songwriters take the unique opportunity to catch them on their UK album tour in February 2018.


January 2018

The LYNNes - Heartbreak Song for the Radio

The LYNNes

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The LYNNes - Heartbreak Song for the Radio