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The Longest Johns
01. Hard Times Come Again No More
02. Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate
03. Nantucket
04. The Workers Song
05. Hog Eye Man
06. Wayfaring Stranger
07. Pride of the White Star Line
08. The Mary Ellen Carter
09. Hammer and the Anvil
10. Johnny Come Down to Hilo
11. Downed & Drowned
12. Thousands or More
13. Rolling Along
14. Beer Is Great

Featuring the legendary folk songs that fuel the band’s passion for the genre, alongside thrilling original offerings, Smoke & Oakum is a treasure chest, each song a jewel collected along the way. Representing and paying homage to protest singers and folk luminaries through the years, The Longest Johns shine new light through old windows with songs that hold a torch up to the truth.

Describing the energy behind their irresistible sound, the band explain, “The experience of singing these songs in a group is very similar to people dancing at a club. Whether or not you’ve heard the song before, you innately know what to do and feel part of something bigger than yourself. It’s as if something is missing, until you join in.” – The Longest Johns.

Be sure to catch them live here is a link to their set from Shrewsbury Folk Festival in 2021 https://youtu.be/G9M67ICuCOA

Released 28th January 2022


January 2022


The Longest Johns - Smoke & Oakum

The Longest Johns

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The Longest Johns - Smoke & Oakum