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The Henry Girls
01. Oh Why
02. A Friend Like You
03. Down By The River
04. More Love, More Silence
05. Far Beyond The Stars
06. Ocean of War
07. Rebel Girl
08. Don't Call Me Honey
09. Slow Down
10. Falling In Love Again
11. No More Maybes
12. Satisfied mind
13. I'm Your Baby

New album from Fish Records favourites to be released during first half of March 2017 and available to pre-order now.

The Henry Girls launch their new album Far Beyond The Stars this Spring. Having produced bands such as Clannad and Altan, Donegal has a reputation for having music beautiful enough to rival its awe-inspiring landscape, and The Henry Girls are part of the proof.

Sisters Karen, Lorna and Joleen McLaughlin, collectively known as The Henry Girls, make music that will give you goosebumps. The harmonising, lilting, melting voices imbue their music with overwhelming romanticism, although the very classic and traditional folk sound is given an edge with Americana, bluegrass and blues sounds.

The Henry Sisters have been received to huge acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic, even impressing on the Nashville music scene, and boy, does Nashville know music. See them live and you will drift away with celtic harmonies, folkish melodies, and a dollop of that world-famous organic Donegal style.


February 2017

The Henry Girls - Far Beyond The Stars

The Henry Girls

CD (Cat No: 2133456)

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The Henry Girls - Far Beyond The Stars

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