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The Hello Darlins
01. Catch That Train
02. Lonely In Las Vegas
03. Go By Feel
04. Aberdeen FEAT Joey Landreth
05. Still Waters FEAT Matt Anderson
06. Mountain Time
07. Smokin' Gun
08. Never Get Over You
09. Prayer For A Sparrow
10. Where You Are
11. Farewell River Rouge
12. Catch That Train
13. Lonely In Las Vegas
14. Go By Feel
15. Aberdeen FEAT Joey Landreth
16. Still Waters FEAT Matt Anderson
17. Mountain Time
18. Smokin' Gun
19. Never Get Over You
20. Prayer For A Sparrow
21. Where You Are
22. Farewell River Rouge

anadian collective The Hello Darlins, dubbed "the Broken Social Scene of Americana", release their first full-length LP Go By Feel on June 11, 2021. With over 500,000 combined Spotify streams for their initial three singles, it's safe to say there's a lot of anticipation for their debut album.The buzz began building almost immediately after the Calgary, Alberta-based Americana collective debuted on the scene in early 2020, with American Songwriter calling the group "the product of a talented pool of session musicians craving more," while Americana UK stated, "It's great to see a band put together by the talented folks who would usually be 'behind the scenes.'"

So, who exactly are The Hello Darlins? The seeds of the band took root in 2016 when vocalist/producer Candace Lacina crossed paths again with keyboardist/producer Mike Little after first meeting at a recording studio years earlier. Once reconnected, they soon found themselves making music together in between their work with other artists, an impressive list that ranges from Shania Twain to Charlie Major, The Road Hammers to George Canyon as well as the late B.B. King.

In short order, the couple began inviting others within their circle to participate, including Murray Pulver (Crash Test Dummies), Clay- ton Bellamy (The Road Hammers), Matt Andersen, Dave and Joey Landreth (aka The Bros. Landreth), Russell Broom (Jann Arden), and ace fiddler Shane Guse.

On Go By Feel, this incredible collection of talent has forged a hybrid of country, gospel and blues like no other, from the heart-wrenching ballads "Aberdeen" and "Prayer For A Sparrow" to the classic country-rocker "Mountain Time" and the album's soulful title track. Making music influenced by times of joy and sorrow is natural for Candace and Mike, as both come from families with long musical traditions within Canada. It all adds up to The Hello Darlins preferring to add "North" to the Americana genre, a more than symbolic gesture that's in line with a musical vision that will continue to evolve as soon as the band gets a chance to play live with a line-up that could potentially consist of anywhere between five to nine players on stage.

Until then, audiences will now be able to fully savour the tunes, musicianship and production of Go By Feel, proof positive that teamwork ultimately leads to exceptional results.


September 2021

The Hello Darlins - Go By Feel

The Hello Darlins

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The Hello Darlins - Go By Feel