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Teddy Thompson
01. Why Wait
02. At A Light
03. Heartbreaker Please
04. Brand New
05. What Now
06. No Idea
07. Record Player
08. Take Me Away
09. It's Not Easy
10. Move At Speed

Thirty Tigers artist Teddy Thompson with his debut album on their label, Heartbreaker Please."Here's the thing," Teddy Thompson sings frankly on his new album, "you don't love me anymore. I can tell you've got one foot out the door." From its opening track Thompson's new album Heartbreaker Please reckons with the breakdown of love with a wistful levity as satisfying as it is devastatingly honest. And while the album is drawn from the demise of a real-life relationship, as told from Thompson's perspective, it might also be seen as a projection of his relationship with New York City, the place he has called home for the better part of two decades. A member of the British musical dynasty first helmed by his legendary parents, Linda and Richard Thompson, he left London for the States at 18, settling in New York five years later. "At the time I was just taking a long vacation that never ended," he says. "I wanted to reinvent myself and it was easier to leave it behind and go somewhere new to announce myself as a musician, rather than explain to all the people who've known you since you were a kid. And you can actually reinvent yourself in America, step off the plane, say 'my name is whatever'." Twenty years later, Heartbreaker Please finds Teddy Thompson perfectly himself, a commanding artist at the top of his craft.

Teddy Thompson - Heartbreaker Please

Teddy Thompson

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Teddy Thompson - Heartbreaker Please