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01. Mitcham Fair Green
02. Yorkshire Rose
03. The Factory Girl
04. Star of The West
05. Bramblefoot
06. Cold Coast of Iceland
07. Gitonyossie
08. Duke & Little Renie
09. The Roving Labourer
10. The Bowerbird
11. We Love You
12. Valhalla

Fish Records Album of The Year 2013

Having listened to a track from 'A Yard of Ale' Star of the West on the covermount CD of the latest edition of R" Magazine I knew instantly I wanted to feature it on Fish Records. After a conversation with Stuart (a very nice chap by the way) here it is.

This is a remarkable album combining original songs and arrangements of traditional songs. The aforementioned Star of the West is a stand out trakc but there are so many more Factory Girl and The Roving Labourer to name but two. I have to agree with Dai Jefferies in his 4 Star review in R2 Magazine

‘Sometimes you hear a songwriter or a singer for the first time and something clicks. You feel as though you’ve been listening to this voice and these songs all your life. So it is with Stuart Forester. His warm voice and big guitar sound are more than enough to carry the songs – proof of the virtue of simplicity.’

‘This guy is clearly a talent. Pure Class’ The Living Tradition

'Formidably persuasive.' fROOTS

'You feel as though you've been listening to these songs and this voice for all your life.' **** - R2

2013 album of the year - Fish Records

'This collection of songs is really quite special.' Folk London

'A great singer, songwriter...deeply rooted in the tradition.’ Mike Harding

‘This is an exceptional release, one of quite formidable character.’ FATEA

‘There's some real talent to be spotted here. A storming release.’ Bright Young Folk

UK folk music CD of the year - Alan Morley Folk Rise


And perhaps with Dick Gaughan following Stuart supporting him last year 'f**king awesome'

I can't recommend this album highly enough already in my top releases of 2013. Quite simply buy this now!

A Yard of Ale tell of dreams broken and fulfilled, casual encounters which leave a mark on the soul, or the glory of the seasons changing hands....Some are inspired by Hull, the once-great northern English fishing port the Forester family eventually called home. Such as the true recollections of an old man’s drinking and fighting years in the words of album track Star Of The West:“I loved every minute and I drank to them all, those sailors and squaddies and dockers and whores”.Some are inspired by London (“a songwriter’s honeypot”), the place Stuart now calls home. Particularly the earthy love storyDuke & Little Renie, a song written following the briefest of glimpses of a dustman and skinhead girl’s wedding on London’s Old Kent Road.All are inspired by real life and it’s trials and triumphs.

‘A great singer, songwriter. I think he writes really finely crafted songs that feel to me to be deeply rooted in the tradition’Mike Harding

‘Stuart Forester is blessed with a resonant, classic English-folk voice ... he can also write, play and sing touching, searching and pointedly perceptive narrative-rich folk songs. For assurance, were any needed, his latest album ‘A Yard of Ale’ is the only testament required. These are songs that you’ll want to hear again and again.’ – Tim Carroll. Folkwords

‘Fabulous CD. One of those that when you put it on you do listen right the way through. I really, really like this. I think you’ll enjoy this, I know I will.’ – Alan Morley, Folkrise

Stuart Forester - A Yard of Ale

CD (Cat No: 50659)

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Stuart Forester - A Yard of Ale