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Stick In The Wheel
01. The Milkmaid (Feat. Nabihah Iqbal)
02. The Ballad Of Black Annis (Feat. Jon1st)
03. Farewell He (Feat. Nabihah Iqbal)
04. Devil In The Well / Bright-Eyed Boy (Feat. Olugbenga Adelekan)
05. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (Feat. Jon1st)
06. Euphoric Clashes (Feat. Nabihah Iqbal, Jon1st & Olugbenga Adelekan)
Stick In The Wheel latest collaborative release invites contemporary musicians to explore what the idea of traditional music and culture means to them through the archive at Cecil Sharp House.
DMC scratch champion Jon1st looks at samples and fragments of music and folklore from his home city of Leicester; DJ, musician and broadcaster Nabihah Iqbal discovers the Dorset folk songs contemporary to Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and Metronomy's Olugbenga focuses on Nigerian folktales and Kenyan field recordings.
The result is a surprising collection of forward-thinking music looking at the notion of fragments, archives, and the function of traditional music in 2022. Whether that's the traditions of scratching and sampling, how we can relate to others across borders and cultures, or attempting to make sense of the prism of an archive, this release is essential listening at the cutting edge of experimentation through the blurring of forms.

Stick In The Wheel - Perspectives on Tradition

Stick In The Wheel

CD (Cat No: 9742885)

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Stick In The Wheel - Perspectives on Tradition

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