Simpson Martin
01. The Sheffield Apprentice
02. Bold General Wolfe
03. Brothers Under The Bridge
04. Barbry Allen

Martin Simpson – Purpose and Grace

With a pair of the finest albums of his career (Prodigal Son and True Stories) recorded in the past couple of years, the interest and expectation in a new studio album from Martin is always going to be high.  One look at the guest list for this album and it’s obvious that the listening is in for something special.


In addition to his regular band of contributors Andy Cutting, Andy Seward and Keith Angel he’s joined by an all-star cast who to play and sing across the 13 songs including Richard Thompson, Jon Boden, BJ Cole, Dick Gaughan, June Tabor, Fay Hield and more – it’s a mouth watering castlist, and every single contributor adds and their own stamp to this collection.

Every song on the album is brought to life by the extensive and considered liner notes, there are introductions, reasoning and back story for each song – it’s becoming a lost art due to some albums being delivered in smaller and smaller packaging, but here it’s as much a part of the album as the music, and will take the reader/listener off on a real journey of discovery and it  adds context to the stories and characters that make the album.


The quality of Simpson’s guitar and banjo work is as high as ever, with his distinctive rhythmic picking forming the base for the songs that are built on by the assembled musicians.  Highlights include The Sheffield Apprentice, Barby Allen and Brother Can You Spare A Dime – a trio of songs that encapsulate the feel of the disc that touches songs from both the English and American traditions.


1 The Sheffield Apprentice

2 Bold General Wolfe

3 Brothers Under The Bridge

4 Little Liza Jane

5 Brother Can You Spare A Dime

6 Jamie Foyers

7 In The Pines

8 Strange Affair

9 Banjo Bill

10 Barbry Allen

11 Don’t Leave Your Banjo In The Shed Mr Waterson

12 Bad Girl’s Lament

13 Lakes Of Ponchartrain


Simpson Martin

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