Simpson Martin
01. Batchelors Hall
02. Pretty Crowing Chicken
03. Lakes of Chamberlain
04. She Slips Away
05. The Granemore Hare
06. Mother Love
07. Little Musgrave
08. A Love letter
09. Duncan & Brady
10. Never Any Good
11. Good Morning Mr Railroad Man
12. Louisiana 1927
13. La Rivolte
14. Andrew Lammie
15. Kits Tune / When A Knight Won His Spurs

Martin Simpson – Prodigal Son

While Martin Simpson is, without question, one of the world’s finest finger-style guitar players, his last few folk albums have been as memorable for the quality of the arrangements as they have been for the guitar work.  ‘Prodigal Son’ reinforces this with distinct and inspired arrangements, instrumental work and vocals from a strong group of musicians over the albums’ 15 tracks.
A master of many instruments Simpson plays a good variety across the album including acoustic, lap-slide, banjo, resonator and electric; but it’s his acoustic work that really shines and adds drama and pace many of the songs.  His ability to play detailed and complex tunes with complicated rhythms whilst providing solid vocals has always been a real wonder, and even though we’ve heard and seen it in the past it’s still an impressive feat.
Musical and vocal support is provided by a stellar list of folk luminaries including Andy Cutting, Kate Rusby, Jackson Browne, Danny Thompson and Kellie While who all bring their own touch to what is a pretty special album.
As with Simpson’s recent discs the liner notes are comprehensive and engaging, with details and history relating to each song or tune.
The disc contains a good mix of well known and more obscure songs, and he mixes English songs with a number of American folk pieces, and a handful of his own songs and tunes – it’s a good mix and they all sit together perfectly.

The stand out track is Never Any Good a song about his father that he didn't feel able to write until his mother passed away. It has Kate Rusby on backing voclas. It can stand along the best songs of the genre - a classic - worth purchasing the album for this track alone.


Strong and varied throughout, there are many standout moments, but two obvious highlights are an excellent reading of ‘Lakes of Champlain’ and a great version of one of folk’s classic big ballads ‘Little Musgrave’.
’Prodigal Son’ follows on from the excellent ‘Bramble Briar’ and ‘Kind Letters’ and stands as one of the most accessible and enjoyable folk albums of the past 5 years. 


Simpson Martin

CD (Cat No: 13268)

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