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Shires Amanda
01. Magic Oooooh
02. A Real Tree This Year
03. Let's Get Away
04. Home To Me
05. Blame It on The Mistletoe
06. Slow Falling Snow
07. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
08. Silent Night
09. Gone For Christmas

On her first-ever holiday album For Christmas, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Amanda Shires invites the world into a fantastically warped wonderland of her own making. Though theres flying reindeer and fallen tinsel and angels serenely plucking harps, Shiress finespun storytelling sheds light on the kind of holiday experiences and emotions that often go ignored in Christmas songs: the family drama and forced cheer, and elaborate fantasies of escaping off to some far-away tropical island. Mostly made up of original material from the Texas-bred musician, the album unfolds in a selection of piano songs touched with the timeless charm of Brill Building pop—a lovely setting for her luminous vocal presence. The result is a rare breed of holiday music that feels undeniably resonant at any season of the year. "For me, Christmas brings on a bunch of tangled feelings. My intention with this collection of songs was to capture the joy, warmth, lonesomeness, frustration and everything in between. We all have different Christmas experiences and it cant always be fruit cake and snow angels. Missing loved ones, the good and bad of being with family, lacking cheer, wanting to escape, and wanting something different have all been feelings Ive had at Christmas at different times in my life. I bet yall can relate. At the very least, you can hear a bunch of Christmas songs you havent heard 200,000 times. They are my gift to you this holiday season. Hear for yourself and thank you for listening." - SantAmanda


November 2021

Amanda Shires - For Christmas

Shires Amanda

CD (Cat No: 1211678)

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Amanda Shires - For Christmas

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