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Sam Lee
01. The Gardens of England (Seeds of Love) FEAT Bernard Butler
02. Lay This Body Down FEAT Cosmo Sheldrake & Bernard Butler
03. The Moon Shines Bright FEAT Elizabeth Frazer
04. Soul Cake
05. Spencer The rover
06. Jasper Sea
07. Sweet Sixteen
08. Turtle Dove
09. Worthy Wood FEAT Bernard Butler
10. Balnafanen FEAT Bernard Butler
11. Awake, Awake Sweet England
12. John Barleycorn
13. Lay This Body Down (live)
14. The Moon Shines Bright (live)
15. The Tan Yard Side - Singing With Nightingales
16. Improvisation - Singing with Nightingales

Sam Lee is a multi award-winning singer, a folk song collector, a passionate conservationist, a highly effective environmental campaigner and he also presented acclaimed radio documentaries. 'The Garden of England', a new interpretation of the classic traditional song, Seeds of Love. This rewrite is a celebration of folk song but also theorises that an eco-system of decay and new life is not just relevant to nature, but also to the life cycle of all creativity.


September 2021

Sam Lee - Old Wow+

Sam Lee

CD (Cat No: 2343566)

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Sam Lee - Old Wow+

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