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Rowan Rheingans
01. What birds are
02. Lines
03. Traces
04. Fire
05. Brave
06. Sky
07. Long walk home
08. Walls
09. Sorrow
10. Keep breathing

Rowan Rheingans is a fiddle player, banjoist, singer and songwriter widely regarded as one of the foremost innovators in folk music today. Best known for her work with ac-claimed bands Lady Maisery, The Rheingans Sisters and Songs of Separation, Rowan has won two BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards ('Best Original Track' in 2016 & 'Best Album' in 2017) and is a five-time nominee. On August 23rd 2019, Rowan will release her much-anticipated solo album The Lines We Draw Together : a heartfelt, unflinching and genre-melding debut. Not one to simply repeat but choosing instead to constantly innovate, The Lines We Draw Together is best understood as an artistic piece in its own right rather than as an attempt to capture the inimitable musical essay on the power of small acts of resistance that is Dispatches on the Red Dress. Rowan explains how "they are different but very connect-ed pieces; the album is a deeply intertwined and yet wholly different artistic journey through some of the same themes as my one-woman show. In the live show, the songs provide the emotional landscape to a very big story. On the album, these songs fully ex-press their own, complex individual stories and I am inviting different meanings and different interpretations to them here." The Lines We Draw Together comprises 10 original songs by Rowan, whose song 'Mackerel' scooped the esteemed 'Best Original Track' award at the 2016 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Already widely celebrated as a songwriter by music critics, The Lines We Draw Together is Rowan's most self-assured work yet. This is adventurous and necessary new writing that asks fundamental and troubling questions with Rowan's characteristically deep emotional charge, razor-sharp sense of purpose, audacious musicality and disarming warmth.

Rowan Rheingans - The Lines We Draw Together

Rowan Rheingans

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Rowan Rheingans - The Lines We Draw Together