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Robert Lane
01. One of Those Guys
02. You Want It Both Ways
03. Very Own Way
04. Day to Day
05. Four Years
06. Don't Know Love
07. Been Us
08. Lost But I Can't Care
09. Well Adjusted
10. Tomorrow
11. I Had A Friend
12. Pessimistic Me
13. Make It Easy

Debut album from Robert Lane, a guitarist, songwriter and singer based in Birmingham.

Robert was chosen by the LG Arena to perform in the Forum Live area of the arena before concerts by Eric Clapton, Dire Straits front man Mark Knopfler, BBC Sound of 2010 winner Ellie Goulding and international superstar singer/songwriter John Mayer. In July 2015 he once again performed at the newly re-branded Genting Arena before a concert by Fleetwood Mac.

In August 2013 he was selected to attend a song writing retreat/course with Kinks front man Ray Davies.

He has supported a wide range of performers including Nell Bryden, O'Hooley and Tidow, Steve Tilston, Polly Paulusma, Caddy Cooper, Gary Nock, Lotte Mullan, Paul Liddell, Alice Gold, Cattle and Cane, Jazz Morley, Edwina Hayes, Dan Wilde, Jess Morgan, Steve Gibbons, Jay Leighton, Dan Whitehouse and Steve Ajao.


Robert Lane - Robert Lane

Robert Lane

CD (Cat No: 234335)

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Robert Lane - Robert Lane

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