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Ralph McTell
01. Oxbow lakes
02. Brighton belle
03. Clear water
04. Gertrude and Alice
05. Gammel dansk
06. Shed song
07. Close shave
08. When they were young
09. Sometimes I wish I could pray
10. Hill of Beans
11. West 4th Street and Jones

Two years into his sixth decade as a recording artist, Ralph McTell releases his new album Hill Of Beans. 74, Kent born, Croydon raised, much travelled & unassuming, Ralph remains an English musical legend. In the time honoured fashion of an artist who has always defined his own artistic terms, Hill Of Beans is a work of grace; experience and learning, natural poise, deep substance, the core of its harmonic and melodic riches contained in voice, songs and six stringed guitar glory. His first album of originals since 2010's acclaimed Somewhere Down The Road, Hill of Beans reunites McTell with producer Tony Visconti, who was there right at the start of McTell's recording career. The latter day reconnection came after a chance meeting in London earlier this decade. "It was just lovely to see him," reflects McTell. "One day I'm at home and the email arrived, it said, "Dear Ralph, I'm working with that old reprobate, you remember him?" Visconti was referring to David Bowie - a figure who looms as large in the producer's career, as the song 'Streets Of London' does in McTell's. Hill Of Beans contain 11 tracks - Visconti's production has allowed McTell to find the measure of songs gathered from the past 10 years but including one written in 1978, another in 1988. "Tony is a wonderful producer, he treats all his artists with the same consideration, courtesy and respect' says Ralph, sounding like a well satisfied man. As he ought to.

Ralph McTell - Hill of Beans

Ralph McTell

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Ralph McTell - Hill of Beans