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Pistol Annies
01. Interstate Prelude
02. Stop Drop and Roll One
03. Best Years of My Life
04. Acres of Turnip
05. When I Was His Wife
06. Cheyenne
07. Got My Name Changed Back
08. Sugar Daddy
09. Leavers Lullaby
10. Milkman
11. Commissary
12. Masterpiece
13. Interstate Gospel
14. This Too Shall Pass

It has been five long years since the Pistol Annies released new music and  Interstate Gospel picks up where 2013’s Annie Up left off. The trio has lived a lot of life since their last project — two weddings, a divorce, a baby and another on the way — and all of this is showcased on the 14-track album.

Pistol Annies’ memorable harmonies are at the forefront of Interstate Gospel as is their honest storytelling. With a unique take on divorce, heartbreak and marriage, the acclaimed trio, made up of  Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angeleena Presley, don’t hold anything back. Much of the album comes from real-life experiences the women have faced, but they’re not revealing to which singer. That, they leave up to their listeners to ponder.

November 2018


Several tracks featured on the project are about regret, sometimes of marriage and other moments love. On the slowed ballad “Best Years of My Life” the three women sing of settling down into married life too soon. Unhappy, they set aside a day for some recreational drugs, alcohol and reruns. “I was looking forward to / Staying here forever / ‘Cause you asked me to / Didn’t think that I could do better / So I settled down,” Lambert laments on the track.

Pistol Annies - Interstate Gospel

Pistol Annies

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Pistol Annies - Interstate Gospel