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Pharis & Jason Romero
01. Hometown Blues
02. New Day
03. Roll On My Friend
04. Right In The Garden
05. Bet On Love
06. New Caledonia
07. We All Fall
08. Old Chatelaine
09. A Bit Old School
10. Kind Girl
11. World Stops Turning

'Bet On Love' is a modern folk ode - of sentimental anchorings, and relationships between place, people and time. Recorded in Pharis & Jason Romero's banjo shop outside Horsefly, BC, with producer Marc Jenkins (their 2018 Juno-winning Sweet Old Religion's producer), the songs come from the micro-world the Romeros live in and the lifestyle they have chosen focused on balance, simplicity and intention (an approach held reverently by an entire culture of folk music nerds). The title track features Pharis' most personal writing, and this intimacy reverberates through the 11-track record. They gently offer up tone and song, bound together in something folk, something country, something that is the setting for the ups and downs of daily life, with John Reischman (mandolin) and Patrick Metzger (bass) completing the rootsy, alive-off-the-floor feeling. The sound of their two voices together is quietly show-stopping, with room for Jason's hypnotic and tear-wrenching vocals and Pharis' shining and story-worn voice to explore new territories. Two tracks feature Jason on a gourd banjo, with a sound that is both heartwarming and gritty. While some of the record has a feeling of a wall of sound, and takes you on a trip through small town blues and hopes for a new and not so lonely society, the most poignant moments focus on the duo, singing of greater self-love and simply telling people's stories.


May 2020

Pharis & Jason Romero - Bet on Love

Pharis & Jason Romero

CD (Cat No: 232455)

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Pharis & Jason Romero - Bet on Love

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