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01. Things That Stop You Dreaming
02. Let Her Go
03. Staring at the Stars
04. All the Little Lights
05. The Wrong Direction
06. Circles
07. Keep on Walking
08. Patient love
09. Life's for The Living
10. Holes
11. Feather on the Clyde
12. I Hate
13. Bonus CD of Acoustic versions of above

This is not a new releasehaving been released last year, 2013. However it has come to my attention through the Brit nomination for Best single. This fits Fish Records brief as this is singer songwriter material out of the top drawer. This deluxe edition has an extra CD with acoustic versions of all the songs, which personally prefer.

UK-born, adopted Australian son Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) releases his latest, already critically-lauded album, All The Little Lights. Recorded at Linear Studios in Sydney (Empire of the Sun and Josh Pyke), All The Little Lights is the most accomplished Passenger record to date. Its very different to [the last album] Flight Of The Crow, says Rosenberg. This one is a bigger production and a bit more modern sounding.

Passenger began in the UK as a five-piece band with the big money label behind it in the early 2000s. They released a critically acclaimed debut album (Wicked Man’s Rest) but when the members of that band chose to go their separate ways in 2007, Rosenberg opted to stick with the Passenger moniker and trust in his music, his voice and his guitar to take him where it would. He took to the streets and discovered not only that the experience enormous fun, but it also proved empowering.

“The busking pays for everything really,” Mike admits. “It’s crazy. I’ve funded my last four records basically from busking.. It’s an amazing thing to have stumbled upon because it is the dilemma for every musician – how do I put a hundred percent of myself into my music, whilst keeping myself together? It’s not a new problem – it’s always been the case – but you find something like busking, which you can still do; while you’re making money you can play your songs and hopefully further your fan base – it’s ideal really.”

In search of sunnier climates, Rosenberg headed to Australia in 2009. In only 18 months, he went from busking on Australia's street corners to selling out venues across the country and supporting major artists like Ed Sheeran, John Butler Trio, Angus & Julia Stone and more. Mike is a modern day troubadour whose constant touring in both hemispheres has seen him win over scores of fans.

February 2013

Passenger - All The Little Lights (Deluxe 2 CD Edition)


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Passenger - All The Little Lights (Deluxe 2 CD Edition)

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