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Noah Kahan
01. Northern Attitude
02. Stick Season
03. All My Love
04. She Calls Me Back
05. Come Over
06. New Perspective
07. Everywhere Everything
08. Orange Juice
09. Strawberry Wine
10. Growing Sideways
11. Halloween
12. Homesick
13. Still the View Between Villages

Following the release of his second album, Noah continued to write and record, unlocking a new level of himself as an artist and songwriter. Rife with fluttering guitar melodies, inviting vocals, and homey imagery of the Northeast on the verge of changing seasons, it represents a massive turning point for him. Kahan's relationship with his career was altered, his conviction for storytelling and a pursuit of a more organic sound that aligned with the folk music of his upbringing had firmly arrived.

Noah Kahan - Stick Season

Noah Kahan

CD (Cat No: 3222567)

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Noah Kahan - Stick Season