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01. Fine Story
02. Girls
03. Call It Up
04. Faith
05. Long Distance
06. JCB
07. Love Rage On
08. Freedom
09. Wash Away
10. Sing Around It
11. Worry

The Debut Album from the Critically Acclaimed, Popular Irish Duo Who've Been Mates Since their Teen Years. After Playing Separately in Various Bands of Various Styles (Jazz, Funk, Ska, Celtic Soul, Indian Gurbe, Bluegrass, Trip-hop, Hip-hop...just About Everything under the Sun), the Two Decided to Make a Go of it Together and the Results Are Nothing Less Than Amazing. Their Songs Are Intelligent, Catchy, Satisfying and Diverse...just About Everything You Could Ask from an Acoustic Folk Pop Group. From Out of Left Field, They Scored the Coveted Christmas #1 Spot in 2005 with the Single of "The Jcb Song".

Nizlopi - Half These Songs Are About You


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Nizlopi - Half These songs Are About You