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01. Last Train Home
02. The Monkey
03. The Years
04. After The Deluge
05. Song of Sisyphus
06. Welfare
07. Aren't You Going To Say Goodbye, John?
08. Sister Mercy
09. The Road Less Travelled
10. Felo De Se
11. Snake In The Grass
12. Sorrow No More

I am ashamed to say I missed this album when it was released in March of last year. I discovered it thanks to Nick Burbridge being nominated for a songwriting awards on Spiral Earth. This is a remarkable album evoking the finest traditions whilst being contemporary in sound and message.

We are pleased to now have this album available on Fish Records and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Nick Burbridge is a poet, song and story writer from Brighton with an edgy, dark humour. In 1986 he co-founded McDermott's Two Hours, his song Dirty Davey famously being covered by The Levellers.

Gathered is a collection of contemporary songs rooted in the Irish tradition. Burbridge is joined by multi-instrumentalist and producer Tim Cotterell, who adds colour to the canvas painted by Burbridge’s often dark words, with elements of jigs and reels on fiddle, mandolin, banjo and harmonium. The arrangements are varied and sensitive, adding power to the songs.

“This excellent CD is much more than just an album of folk songs. It is a collection of stories to listen to and reflect on time and time again!”  - Keith Whiddon The Living Tradition

“Nick Burbridge is a poet and a song and dance man. I know little of him but his work speaks up for all who might be interested in being human and being fully, albeit imperfectly alive. This sometimes solemn communion is shot through with warmth and gentle humour, forgiveness and thoughts of home. May it continue to do so.” - Pete Bennett – Spiral Earth

Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell - Gathered

CD (Cat No: 50630)

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Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell - Gathered