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Naomi Bedford
01. Davidson Wilder Blues
02. Gypsy Davy
03. The Wild & Charming Energy
04. The Spider & the Wolf
05. We Are Not The People
06. Overseas
07. Raise These Sails
08. Junk Town
09. Fields of Clover
10. The Old Abandoned road
11. The Watches of the Night
12. Reprise

Award-winning English roots vocalist, Naomi Bedford releases her second album - A History of Insolence - on which she explores songs of freedom, dissent and strife.

As Naomi explains; "My partner, Paul Simmonds (The Men They Couldn't Hang songwriter) and I were plotting our next musical project in my kitchen one evening – we had virtually decided to look at Love, Passion and Devotion as our subject matter. Then, after 2 tequilas, 3 whiskys and a spirited discussion about the state of the nation, we completely changed course. And the product of that spirited conversation is this album!''

"I have a history of political activity" she continues " I was the Artist Liaisons person for the Artists Against The Poll Tax and an organiser in the Anti Poll Tax movement. I also helped organise the Hyde Park rally and demonstrations (my boyfriend during this period was the Scottish political activist Tommy Sheridan). Also Paul is well known for his political songwriting in The Men They Couldn't Hang. So songs of insolence come naturally to both of us."

Born in Putney in the 1970s, Naomi was taught folk songs as a 6 year old by her mother and began playing guitar from age 11. "As a teen" she adds: "I wanted to be in a girl band singing folk and country based songs. At that time those genres were unpopular with my peers 8208; I tried to force my love of Shirley Collins and Hedy West on to all my potential band mates, staying up till the early hours playing them three of four versions of the same song, enthusing about the exciting storytelling and history they contained. But it was to no avail until I met Lisa Knapp whilst doing a college course in English. We began playing and writing songs together in our late teens and we also busked Tom Paley and Everly Brothers songs regularly."

In 2011 Naomi released the award-winning album of murder ballads 'Tales from the Weeping Willow'. On that album, after a chequered journey through travel, motherhood and dance music, Naomi returned to her first love of roots, folk and country music to great acclaim; appearing at Celtic Connections, Cambridge and Sidmouth Folk Festivals and achieved regular airplay across BBC National and Regional radio. The new album, 'A History of Insolence', assembles another cast of exceptional musicians and guests (including Justin Currie, Alasdair Roberts and Jackie Oates) and features an impeccable selection of new and old songs that examine Insolence - the very wellspring of all social and political songs.

As Lord Macaulay said: "It was in rude rhyme that their love and hatred, their exultation and distress found utterance. A great deal of their history is to be learned from their ballads"

Or as The Craftsman magazine put it; "When the people find themselves generally aggrieved they are apt to manifest their resentment in satirical ballads, allegories and ironical points of low wit"

Or: "Some will rob you with a six gun and some with a fountain pen" – Woody Guthrie.

5* - "A post punk peggy Seeger" - fRoots

"Plaintive & sensual, vibrant & grave" - 8 out of 10, Uncut

4* - "Compelling" Robin Denselow - The Guardian

"Reaches across the Atlantic & ties two cultures back together" - Spiral Earth

5* - A voice that sticks like Velcro & seduces like silk" - Folk Radio UK

"Seriously vibrant.... irresistible" Colin Irwin, Mojo


Released September 2014

Naomi Bedford - A History of Insolence

Naomi Bedford

CD (Cat No: 765899)

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Naomi Bedford - A History of Insolence

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