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Michael McDermott
01. Tell Tale Heart
02. The Last Thing I Ever Do
03. Never Do Well
04. Meadowlark
05. Sometimes When It Rains In Memphis
06. Given' Up The Ghost
07. Black Thee, Blue Sky
08. The Wrong Side of Town
09. Full Moon Goodbye
10. Richmond
11. Los Angeles, A Lifetime Ago
12. What If Today Were My Last

Michael McDermott's new album Orphans explores similar terrain as it's' critically acclaimed predecessors Willow Springs and Out from Under, but these 12 songs have an extra power that drives the set forward. As the title suggests, this is a collection of compositions that were initially abandoned, but refused to leave McDermott's mind. "Some songs won't go away," McDermott explains. "On all of my records there's this stack of songs that won't make it-and they disappear for good. It wasn't the case this time. This isn't an outtake album. I have an album waiting to go, but these songs were too loud in my heart, they kept waking me at night. These songs are orphans, in much the same way I've felt in the last three years."


April 2019

Michael McDermott - Orphans

Michael McDermott

CD (Cat No: 2322245)

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Michael McDermott - Orphans