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01. One Law
02. Judas Bus
03. Marshall Riley's Army
04. Road To Hell (Part 2)
05. Land & Sea
06. The Silent Boatman
07. Rain
08. Not For The First Time
09. Ring of Iron

A new release from husband and wife duo, Deb & Stu Hanna, Megson. As they say..

A ‘Covers Album’ has been on our to do list for several years now and when we finally sat down to put a list together of tracks to include, it became evident that we wanted to put together more than just a selection of songs. We are often drawn to themes when it comes to creating new albums and once we started to choose which songs to cover it seemed obvious that an album of songs from our favourite north eastern songwriters was the path to follow.

We both left the North East just after the millennium and have lived away from the area ever since. We started  Megson in 2003 and right from the start the stories, songs and traditions of our native North East have hugely influenced our music. Sometimes it feels like no longer living in the area makes us want to write about it and perform its music even more. 

Putting together this album has been a refreshing journey for us. We started with songs and songwriters we’ve always known and performed - like the wonderful Vin Garbutt’s ‘Not for the First Time’ and Lindisfarne’s ‘Marshall Riley’s Army’  and it paved the way for us to record some songs from writers we’ve always admired but never found the reason to perform like Jez Lowe, Richard Grainger & Martin Stephenson.  There were also some fascinating songwriters stories we discovered like Ruth Copeland, the daughter of a Durham Steelworker  who turned Funk music superstar. It also gave us an excuse to arrange versions of some of our favourite post gig singalong tracks like Chris Rea’s ‘Road To Hell’ & the Young Rebel Set’s track ‘One Law’.

We hope you will enjoy listening to this album as much as we enjoyed making it and hopefully it will introduce to some new material and writers to check out and fall in love with too.

November 2021

Megson - Unknown Waters


CD (Cat No: 3244567)

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Megson - Unknown Waters

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