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01. Midnight Ranger
02. Blind Fiddler
03. Smuggler's Song
04. To Wednesday
05. Old Fool
06. Saxons / Pretty Girls
07. Oh Dear Oh
08. Diamond Ship
09. Big Fish, Little Fish, Ugly Fish
10. Down Among The Dead Men
11. Cooke's Water
12. Jolly Roving Tar

Mawkin's extraordinary brand of boisterous folk music is gathering momentum with the much-anticipated release of their 2018 studio album 'Down Among The Dead Men'. Built on a solid traditional foundation and influenced by the swagger of 90s indie rock and Bellowhead-style brouhaha, Mawkin's sound comes alive with a large dose of Essex-boy energy on stage.It boasts a more visceral, amplified sound that's grounded not just in confidence but also in exquisite musicality. No surprise then that MOJO regards them as 'unconditionally mighty', and Q Magazine declares them 'invigorating and highly inventive'. 

Since they released their acclaimed 2015 album 'The Ties That Bind', Mawkin have been lauded as a 'modern-day Fairport' by fans and have won the affections of the harshest of critics. They have graced the main stages of Cambridge Folk Festival and Towersey Folk Festival and had the privilege of supporting Bellowhead on their farewell tour of 2016.


October 2018

Mawkin - Down Among The Dead Man


CD (Cat No: 256788)

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Mawkin - Down Among The Dead Man

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